Craigmarloch Nurseries Ltd is a family run business that was established in Kilsyth in the 1970s with the business originally being set up in the back garden of the company’s founder Drew McFarlane. The company’s main objective at this stage was to grow heathers and conifers for local authorities’ orders.

In 1974 Drew McFarlane purchased Endwood cottage in Kilsyth along with a piece of woodland to develop and expand the business. 


The business expanded at a manageable level throughout the 70′s and at this point had stopped growing plants and started to wholesale all different varieties of plants. By the end of the 1980′s, the business had developed significantly from its initial roots as a back garden business to a thriving family business. The business continued to grow and the company went from strength to strength with the recruitment of new staff and continued to enhance and expand the product range. The company purchased additional land at the Endwood site to allow the business to continue to grow at the current location.


Into the 1990’s the company was required to build two new large warehouses that helped in the display of the large product range but also to aid in the distribution of products to the company’s ever-expanding customer base. Even with the new buildings and the additional land at the Endwood site by the end of the 1990s the company realised that they would have to begin to look for another site to allow the business to continue to develop and expand. After several months the company was able to find an ideal site within a short distance from the Endwood site. The site was situated on Glasgow Road, this was a 15-acre site that would provide the company with the ideal platform to develop and expand. The Endwood site was just under 2 acres and so the move to the 15-acre site would provide many opportunities to showcase and increased product range.


In the years from 2000, the company was still trading from the Endwood site as the company set about securing the appropriate planning permission for the proposed new site. After many sleepless nights and stressful days, the company successfully gained permission to build the New Craigmarloch at Glasgow Road in Kilsyth. In June 2003 work began with the excavation of large amounts of the hillside to make way for the construction of the building. The company commenced trading from the Glasgow Road site in March 2005 and the business has not looked back since.


A new specimen glasshouse was built in 2007 to help to house our impressive specimen plant range, to again enhance the Craigmarloch experience to our customers. After the construction of the new specimen glasshouse, the business was only utilising around 7 acres of the 15 acres available on the site. The business therefore has additional space to continue expansion therefore ensuring a continued improvement to plant range and facilities to our customers.


With the garden and landscape supplies side of the business ever-expanding, the company needed to increase dry goods storage and built a dedicated 25,000 square foot Garden and Landscape Supplies Centre. The work was started in early summer and completed by October 2015. The new area has allowed the company to carry a wider range of stock and enhance displays. Craigmarloch is now in a position to distribute many lines of key branded garden and landscape products. Our key target markets for these products are landscapers, local authorities, and direct distribution to Garden Centres.


During 2013 and 2014 the company made the decision to go back into commercial growing in a large way. Up until that point, we had always grown small batches of plants making use of the existing facilities on site.

However, with demand increasing for some of the key lines that we grew such as Heathers, Basket Plants, and Strawberries the decision was made to increase production.

With demand continuing to increase it was decided to clear a 4-acre plot on the Craigmarloch site to help with the continued expansion of the commercial growth. This has allowed the consolidation of all growing activities on-site and allowed the company to expand the range and volume of plants the company can produce.


We launched our own branding to help define our own developing product range.


The success of our own growing led to the need for yet more space. In December 2019, we purchased our first field on the Gavell Road, adjacent to our Glasgow Road Head Office. 


Our first crops were on the ground by 2021 with the new block filling to capacity. 


In 2021, we installed a reservoir on site which allows us to recycle rain water and use this in our watering programme.


The company celebrated a landmark anniversary, this being 50 years since Drew McFarlane started working full-time with Craigmarloch on 1st February 1972.


In 2022, we extended our brand new, state of the art glasshouse which is linked via a tunnel to a 9 acre outdoor growing field.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we made the decision to install solar panels in 2023. This provides us with 100% of our electricity requirement.