Company founder, Drew McFarlane, originally established Craigmarloch Nurseries in 1969 in his back garden while working full time. Heathers and conifers were grown and supplied to the local authorities.


In 1975, Endwood Cottage in Kilsyth was purchased, along with a piece of woodland, to develop and expand the business.


It quickly became apparent that there was a market for supplying a wider range of products. Craigmarloch quickly developed into sourcing, supplying, and stocking a large range of top-quality plants, a business strategy that the company still stands by to this day. Our first ever supplier was Boulton Brothers. 


At this point, the company had stopped growing plants and started to wholesale many different varieties instead. By the end of the 1980s, the business had developed significantly from its initial roots as a ‘back garden business’ to a thriving family-run business.


Additional warehouse space was built to accommodate our expanding product range but also to aid in the distribution of products to the company’s ever-expanding customer base.

Through the 90’s the company continued to add new products to become a one-stop shop for landscapers and garden centres. By the end of the 90’s the Endwood site was at capacity, the company realised that we would require another site to allow the business to develop and expand.


Craigmarloch was well known for the end of season barbeque throughout the 80’s and 90’s. The glasshouse and dispatch warehouses housed full-blown Scottish ceilidhs (a rite of passage for many!)



Terms were agreed on a 15-acre green-field site in Kilsyth for a new Head Office and Nursery, providing the company with a more substantial platform upon which to develop and expand.


Evolution – Change through time. Our new purpose-built nursery and head office was opened at Glasgow Road in Kilsyth in March 2005.


A new specimen glasshouse was built to help to showcase our impressive specimen plant range to enhance the Craigmarloch experience for our customers. 


A dedicated Landscape Supplies Centre was built to house our ever increasing range. The warehouse was subsequently expanded in 2016 to make it three times its original size.


The construction of the new polytunnels facilitated a return of growing onsite after a 30 year pause. More tunnels would be added over the coming years.


Launch of our own branding to help define our own developing product range. 


The success of our own growing led to the need for yet more space. In December 2019, we purchased our first field on the Gavell Road, adjacent to our Glasgow Road Head Office. 


Phase 1 began and work commenced in May 2020 to clear and level a new glasshouse site.


By 2021, our first crops were on the ground within our new Dumbreck Glasshouse, quickly filling to capacity. 


A 3 million litre reservoir to harvest water for use in the glasshouse and outdoor growing beds was developed, supporting our sustainable growing approach.


In December 2021, additional land was purchased at Gavell Road to double the size of our available land. 


A new base was established in Holland, Craigmarloch BV, to facilitate purchasing and supply into the UK. This also allows for improved supplier relationships and ensures the best quality products for our customers. 


The company celebrated a landmark anniversary, this being 50 years since Drew McFarlane started working full-time with Craigmarloch on 1st February 1972. 


This development saw the extension of a brand new, state of the art glasshouse, linked via a tunnel to a 9 acre outdoor growing field. We more than doubled our growing space, and created both a full dispatch function and loading bays to ensure our products reached our customers quickly. 


Phase 2 of the Dumbreck Glasshouse was finally completed in March 2022. 


With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we installed solar panelling. This provides us with the ability to produce energy from a clean renewable source.